Large Fire Fans 75mm Wicks

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Pair of Large 5 Finger Fire Fans with 3 inch wicks

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Sturdy 5 headed fire fan
Comes with a free canvas Fan Bag to keep your fans protected and safe.

  • 全てスチールは溶接されており、堅牢で長寿命なファンに仕上がります。
  • Black powdercoated surface for a smooth stealth quality finish.
  • Includes finger spin hole for ease of spinning.
  • ウィックに接着剤を使用していないため、最大量の燃料を含むことが出来、大きな炎になります。
  • Exposed screws on wicks can cause serious hot metal burns, our wicks are stitched on for a non metal burn design and are easily replaceable.


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について Pair of Large 5 Finger Fire Fans with 3 inch wicks

  • 5 x 3 inch wide kevlar ® wick fire heads on each fan
  • ファンの幅 25 インチ(630mm)
  • ファンの高さ 16.5 インチ (420mm)
  • 直径 4mm の溶接スチールワイヤーで作られています。
  • ファン1つあたりの質量 460g
  • 無料のファイアーセーフティーガイド、燃料について、火のつけ方、消し方、使用のヒントなど。

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Malcolm Crawshay
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Malcolm Crawshay, Managing Director


5th August, 2016
Beautiful, gracefully balanced and HOT!
"I just recieved these beautiful fans. As an experienced flow artist and dancer, these are wonderfully weighted and allow for graceful transitions. However please keep in mind, fire goes UP and these big cats are HOT HOT with the 3 inch whicks! Highly suggest safty gloves that protect your knuckles and use a 50/50 mix to simmer down the heat. Enjoy and play im very satisfied with this product. Thank you Home of Poi!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jul 2016