Healthy Exercise, COVID-19 Help

Healthy Exercise, COVID-19 Help

Looking after you - COVID-19 Help

HOP • Published on 23 Mar, 2020

Hi all,

Many of us are now socially restricted and working from home or isolated at home. This is a very difficult time for us all and we should all listen to and obey what our experts are telling us.

Even though we can not ship all of our goods until 25 April, I am very grateful for the support of those :-) still purchasing from us. This is helping to keep our staff paid while they are at home and continue to keep HoP online.

But wait!
These product lines are still being shipped thanks to our partnerships


:-) I personally suffer from heart failure and diabetes (insulin dependant) so I know how important keeping active is. I will be continuing to take a 30-minute walk each day, keeping 2m from others as I do. Plus Juggling :-) time and playing with the little ones (Lulu and Monet my cats).

:-) I encourage everyone to continue keeping active. And even if you do not have any quality made gear, you can Make Your Own Poi, staff and Juggling props from items found around the home.

making fun stuff at home

plus we have heaps of free video lessons in our 'learn' section above
Free online lessons for fun at home

Kindest regards


Here is also a great video from

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