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HoP Aero Spiral Fire Staff with Rope Wicks

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  • Длина посоха может ограничивать количество ходов, которые вы хотите сделать, особенно если он будет продолжать наносить удары по земле. Так что в основном это хорошая идея, чтобы она не была намного выше вас, но есть много людей, у которых она выше, чем она, и вам это нравится. Высота от земли до плеч - правильная длина, чтобы начать с посоха.

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HoP's latest design, full length,Breakdown Fire Staff.
Made from super strong Aerospace (Al.7075) pole will flex under stress and return back straight far better than other poles.
Comes with a Free protective Canvas staff bag.

Ваши преимущества
  • Manufactured with a soft padded grip style handle making for an extremely comfortable and durable Contact and standard staff spinning handle design.
  • This material has benefits over rubber or leather (which can become slippery when fuel or moisture transfer to the handle).
  • No exposed metal on the fire heads or the ends of the pole on our design - protects your skin from those hot metal surface burns.
  • Easy travel and storage by dismantling down to three pieces.
  • Suitable for Contact Staff Routines.

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О HoP Aero Spiral Fire Staff with Rope Wicks
This pro spiral staff has been hand crafted by our HoP team who have created a superbly comfortable and functional, slightly padded grip/handle, designed with contact and spinning moves in mind.
Heat shrink glued into place gives an accurate guide for placement of the staff on the body and hands while performing contact routines.
This staff has a different wick approach with our new rope spiral design, being held firmly in place creating a new interesting look not seen before with a staff.

  • 19.05mm kevlar® rope wicks
  • Handle Length: 600mm
  • Includes two aero Couplers for use with aero Staffs

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10th April, 2020
Epic staff!
"This staff is awesome crazy light but durable and was concerned with it being loose or wabble when spun fast it does not already planning to get more!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Mar 2020

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