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Posted: by gaetangenesse
Replies: 41
"This was posted 18 years ago.... Anyway, I felt the same way for years. My main focus was chasing after girls in life and it never worked out until I moved to Toronto and it did. There ..."
Last topic reply by gaetangenesse
Posted: by Digetund123
Replies: 0
"Hey there,I'm here to clear some doubts about building a swimming pool. Recently I renovated my house in Toronto. In the beginning, we thought of landscaping our backyard. But later, my..."

Posted: by Malcolm
Replies: 8
"All health professionals will rightly discourage you and for good reason.HoP also recommends you do not do it.see also"
Last topic reply by Malcolm
Posted: by olyaevt23
Replies: 8
"Hey guys, I need an advice. I have a braces which I have to wear for 8 months. Can I still do fire eating? My dentist said no coz a high temperature can affect them. But I think is ok a..."
Last topic reply by Malcolm
Posted: by babounboy
Replies: 0
"Hi there everyone ,I’m Olivier and I’m a passionate juggler.I try to find if this question have been asked before but I didn't find anything...I’m actually juggling with a fire st..."

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Бесплатный ежемесячный розыгрыш
Статус: Активные, записи закрывают конец July 2020. У нас есть 215 записи.
О: Нарисовано последний день каждого месяца. Участники могут выиграть кредит в размере 100 долларов США на свой счет в магазине HOP.
Как войти: Супер легко выиграть. Просто введите адрес электронной почты, имя и то, что вы хотите выиграть.  Введите ваше фото здесь

Up in the Air - Performance Photo Competition
Photo Competition
Статус: Voting, late entries still accepted, Voting until 10 August 2020. We have 24 entries.
О: Show us your best off the ground photo of you doing your performance arts.
You can Jump, Hang, Bounce, Swing, Slackline, Tight Rope, Climb a Ladder, Stand on a large Ball, Rola-Bola, but your feet should not be on the ground or floor.

Please read the rules of the competition to see what is not allowed.
You can submit your photo (maximum of 1) by the submission end date. Then you and everyone else can vote for your favorite entries, and from those, we'll pick three winners!
Limited to the first 300 photos.

The top 3 photos selected by public vote each get a USD$50 gift voucher to spend at Home of Poi.
The top 3 photos selected by HoP each get a USD$50 gift voucher to spend at Home of Poi.
How to vote: View entries and vote here Votes: 464  

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