Polypro 5 Wicked Fire Hoop

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Polypro 5 Wicked Hula Fire Hoop

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Polypro single push button join coil down Hoop with 5 detachable fire quick wicks.
Ваши преимущества
  • Light weight metal clamps unobtrusive to inside curvature of hoop.
  • Easy put on or remove spokes using 4mm Hex Key provided.
  • Easy to add more or less Spokes.
  • Stylish stealth black design aluminium pipe clamp.
  • Flexible spokes prevent damage to your hoop.
  • Simple and Secure stitched Wick attachment loop.
  • Best on the market Polypro Pipe (Polypropylene is Strong and Rigid) keeps its shape longer.
  • Range of fantastic colours to select from.

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О Polypro 5 Wicked Hula Fire Hoop
Polypro hoops are stiffer but also lighter and are now one of the most popular choices for Hula Hooping today!
Simply unscrew the Fire quick wicks for a daytime practice/performance hoop then add the wicks on for that added fiery wow factor at night.
Being lighter allows for quick fast hooping styles as they are naturally more reactive than other styles of piping.
Smaller size hoops are great for off-body style hooping and allow for a good amount of freedom and movement within your routines.
Now with fire quick wicks included which are removable for those fire and non fire situations.
¾ inch Polypro is the most popular size for many hoopers wanting their first Polypro hoop but also they are an excellent choice for fast advanced routines as well.
The Joiner on these hoops is a strong Poly-carbonate joiner.
(No weak standard plastic joiners used here)
Our stylish Hoops come in a choice of
Natural or Sanded with a range of stunning colors to choose from in the drop down menu.
You can sand them further for more grip or add your own grip/decorative tapes if desired.
UV Green and UV Yellow really stand out in the sunlight and especially under UV blacklight.

The main advantage of these Quick Wicks is that they are completely detachable, interchangeable and easily transported.
They can attach onto your favourite hoop whenever you like.
Fire Hoopers can use however many they like but we find that most people use 3, 4 or 5 Wicks to attach to a hoop.
They can also be attached to fire staffs or any other prop with a suitable shaft.
Stainless steel rope for the shaft gives flexibility to absorb shocks and limits heat transmission to the hoop clip.

  • 3/4 inch Polypro tubing.
  • Strong Poly-carbonate joiner.
  • Single push button connector.
  • Weight approx 467 grams.
  • 5 x fire quick wicks
  • The wick is 50mm wide with a diameter of around 35mm.
  • Fire Spoke length 130mm (5inch Wick) from the hoop.

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 4.4 out of 5 stars
(based on 5 reviews)

4th July, 2020
Good for the price
"Hoop come in wonky and have had a lot of trouble getting it to straighten out.. could of been packaged better maybe to protect the hoop more. Wicks are solid and is reasonable for the price"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since May 2020

13th April, 2020
Awesome but not practical
"Having to carry an Allen wrench around and getting the screw through the thread are both pains.. but!! The company is great! The hoop is amazing quality too!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Mar 2020

4th April, 2020
Fire hoop
"I received my fire hoop in a timely manner and I LOVE it. I also am happy with the online resources that came with the purchase. I have used HOP for years and love their products."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Feb 2020

3rd April, 2020
Super Happy!!
"I was super satisfied with my purchase. I accidentally ordered a hoop too small and Home of Poi made it simple to send back for the right size. The wick clamps are so perfect for alternating from bare polypro, to different wick amounts; So you can take your time learning with this hoop. I also really like the durability of the wicks. I will definitely be ordering again soon :)"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Feb 2020

9th August, 2019
5 wick polypro fire hoop
"My hoop and wicks arrived quickly and ive already been spinning my butt off! Durable hoop and great quality wicks."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Jul 2019

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