Large Fire Fans

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Large Fire Fans


About the Nautical Star Fire Fan Design

Based on the design of the Nautical star as used and often seen on sea maps and sailors as tattoos, when they had to use the stars to navigate around the world.

The Nautical Star is used in the hope of providing good luck and direction on the high seas, luckily we have GPS satellite navigation now. But boats still get in trouble for other reasons so having extra luck is essential.

Wish your audience good luck and safe travels as you dance with these powerful and symbolic Fire Fans.

Fire Fan Contruction

These frames are made from hardened carbon steel after being fill welded and filed smooth around the handles. They then have an anti-rust treatment, followed by having a high-temperature powder coating applied.

Our large Fire Fans are
  • Heavier, as they have more metal to make them larger and stronger.
  • Wider and Longer to allow more technical Fan Dancing moves where you need the flames to be further away from your hands.
  • Using a double ring handle because of the extra grip required to control the fans in all axis. The palm goes on the outside of the outer ring and you place a few fingers inside the inner ring.
  • Designed with clearance around the ring which allows the fan to slide 90 degrees without having to open up the palm.
  • Counter weighted using a larger diameter rod in the making of the handles. The off-centered balance point allows the star pattern in the frame to be isolated and not covered over by the hands.

The wicks are a Kevlar(R) mix, rolled over and above the tips of the stars, and then double stitched with pure Kevlar(R) thread. Instructions are provided on looking after your wicks so they can survive years of use. We sell kits so you can easily replace the wicks yourself.

DIY Fire Fans

We also provide Fire Fan kits so you can actually make them yourself with all parts supplied (except a pair of scissors to cut the thread). Plus access to an easy to follow instructional video to put them together.

Looking for other designs?

Further designs in our extensive range can be viewed on the All Fire Fans page.

Fan Dancing is also a great way of meeting new people by breaking down traditional barriers and creating interest to develop new friends and relationships. Plus, good luck and happy travels with this design.


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4th July, 2020
Poi heads work fine, disappointed with every other part of this order
"Definitely disappointed with this order. Ive purchased poi from Home of Poi back in the past and the quality and customer service has definitely dropped off a cliff since then. -Shipping took almost three weeks. I would have been better off ordering from amazon since these were time sensitive. -I need these poi for gunslingers so I selected the largest chain size with a request to include additional removable chains if possible. I totally understand not including extra chains but it wasnt even addressed. The chains themselves were shorter than the last time I bought them with longer finger loops to compensate which seems cheap and does me no good. All in all these poi are unusable for me at this length and I waited far too long to receive them."
Dtrax628, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Mar 2015

Reply from Home of Poi: "This was a different poi set they had purchased and delays were caused by COVID-19 slowing freight companies which is out of our control"
21st June, 2020
Outstanding online service
"First time ordering from Home of Poi. Very impressed with our order. Received email confirmation plus tracking number super fast. Order was received a day later. Hows that for service! Thank you. I will be returning soon :-)"
Gbentley, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
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20th June, 2020
Perfect handles !
"These handles are great and very well designed, best on the market !"
Perfect handles !
Karina Foster, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
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19th June, 2020
Love it!
"New to spinning and the ordering process was easy. It helped me pick the right length."
Summerh84, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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10th June, 2020
Excellent service
"Very helpful, dug the last of their stock out of the warehouse for me and sent it immediately. Very happy :)"
Joshua_mainwaring, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
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